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    Allow channel creation only under one parent channel?

    I am wanting to allow users (guest and up) to create temporary channels, but only under a parent channel. Currently guests and up can create a temporary channel under the virtual server itself, but that's not where I'd like their channels to be, so I've removed all channel creation perms for groups lower than the first staff group. Any help would be wonderful!

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    In order to allow them to create temporary channels under the parent channels, it's a matter of defining the depth of the channel they are allowed to create by imposing both lower and upper limits:

    example: can only create a channel on parents with the depth of 2 (so he can create depth 3 channels).
    i_channel_min_depth = 3
    i_channel_max_depth = 3

    Test with different number combinations and see what fits you the best.


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    Make sure the users groups don't allow the actual permission to create sub-channels, but give them all the other needed permissions. Then set the ability to create sub-channels on the specific channel you want people to make their sub-channels from. Try that and see if it works for you.

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