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    A new plug in Idea

    So while messing around with my free server I noticed that there is a slight bug while trying to multi-box TS3 for having a Virtual Audio Cable. The problem is that when you try to set up the settings for individual profiles these profiles do not hold to there own, this can be very bothersome because the V.A.C profile (Jukebot as I will be calling it from this point on) will take dominance over every other profile setting. Now I do not know how to create a Plug-in but my idea is one that will take the profiles individualize them and save there individual settings to better accommodate multi-boxing and running 2 servers in one window with 2 different tabs. Anyone have any ideas as to how I would go about creating such a plug-in.

    Please feel free to discuss this and put your own ideas in. if such a plug-in already exists the disregard this post completely. Note: I have already gone threw each of the Plug-ins and did not find a plug in that matches my discription

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    I think what you want can already be done with one client instance as it is using separate bookmarks, each with its own capture profile, for the same server. If you are really insistent on running multiple instances of TS3 (guessing you are using -nosingleinstance command option) you would need to have installs in different areas with each connecting to a different data storage location.

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