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    problems with my server and license

    hello friends sorry for my bad English
    this day was using my server as I always
    when suddenly we switched to all server
    I thought something had happened in the vps
    so I try to start it again
    I try to access my server using my client but I switched off immediately upon entering
    so restart where my server vps

    but it shows me Name:  gudn.png
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    I have tried everything to fix it
    any idea how I can fix it?
    someone clone my key?
    as knowing that ip this with my key?
    my server really use much if someone could help me would be eternally

    PD: I speak Spanish if someone speaks and can also help

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    The actual problem is that the accounting server has registered more then 10 "running" servers with your license.

    Did you rapidly kill and restart the main instance? Killing the server will not de-register the virtual server in accounting, so when you start the server again it is counted as a additional server by accounting.

    As far as I know the accounting server has a dead server time out. I don't know how log this time is. So I suggest wait some hours and then a restart should be possible.

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