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    Server packetloss

    my TS3 Server has a Packetloss up to 8%.

    There is no DDoS-Attack and no Packetloss on other processes.

    I can only see packetloss on the TS Server... please help me!!

    The voice encryption is already off...

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    If your PC is windows download WinMTR, if is linux, install mtr.

    Do a MTR to your server and paste here a screenshot or copy the text.

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    You could also try to find out to which connection the paket loss is related. In the server view you get only a summary value. Check each single user connection to see if paket loss is distributed across all users or if there are peaks with certain users.

    If it is evenly distributed the problem is more likely located "near" the server. If it are peaks with certain users then it is more likly something at the users end; e.g. their connection or provider.

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