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    How to get ts unique id of recoverd hard drive

    my computer died but I was able to recover the hard drive from it. I am using it in a external cradle and was wondering if there is a way to get the id out of the program file seeing as when i try to start ts from the exe I get this message:
    "teamspeak 3 cannot write to the configuration file... you can use teamspeak 3 but all setings will be lost"
    does anyone know how i could find it from this state? any help would be appreciated, thanks in advanced

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    Depends where you installed the config, so either the directory of the client or in your users profile.
    You have to look for a file "ts3clientui_qt.secrets.conf", this contains your identity.
    Also look for "settings.db", this are your settings and bookmarks.

    You have to check if the files are still readable/useable, else you have to use new ones.

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    you sir are a saint thanks a million

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