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    Exporting existing users/permissions/channels over to New Server?

    Guys and Girls,

    If this has been discussed elsewhere, I am sorry, but I simply can't find it after a hour of looking. My eyes are sore from scanning so many pages of posts and doing searches for exporting etc.

    Here is my situation:

    We have a currently are running a World of Tanks Clan which has about 200 users and explanding and are moving this to a 512 slot server. Obviously a lot of work has already gone into setting up this and maintaining it.

    Here are my questions:

    a) Can I export all of the users permissions and details over?.
    b) Can I export over all of the channel names/structure and their details/permissions over too?
    c) or can I just export all of the settings on the entire clan details over to another server?

    Thanks ahead of time. Again, sorry if this has been asked elsewhere I just can't see a simple answer.

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    If you host yourself just copy over the database.
    If youre renting, ask your hoster to do a "server snapshot" for you and import this on your new server.

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    Answer to all three questions is yes. But first, need a bit of info.

    What kind of server are you running? Self-Hosted, or renting?

    Do you have access, to the server folders themselves?

    Can you follow instructions to the letter?

    I hope so.

    Await your response.

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