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    Dealing with DDOS Attacks on TS3 Server


    lately I'm getting attacked by DDOS on my TS3 server.
    My server version is, but soon i will update it to (Post from 16.05.2013).

    Do you have any general advices how can i deal with DDOS attacks?

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    TS3 & DDoS protection

    How I can software protect my server against DDoS attacks?
    Currently I plan use this script, but I fear that it may ban normal users.

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    Hello !

    that script is useless because someone can send DDoS ( Botnet about 3 GB/s UDP flood or SSYN flood example. ) and your iptables and every software script protection, can't handle that flow packets. The best solution is change company hosting with filtering DDoS, the Hardware Firewall will protect your server, this is physically machine which is adapted for these attack even if the flow will reached more than 30 GB/s attack on Hardware Firewall will cut of unwanted packets before the server, even you will not feel that.

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