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    Max slot limit reached above 32 slots "Error id=2817"

    I recently decided to migrate my TS3 server laptop from windows XP to Ubuntu 12.04.
    Although i took a linux admin class in college i'm still somewhat noob to linux.

    I got the server up and running and can connect to it, but when i try to "edit virtual server" and up the amount from 32 to 40 it keeps telling me "max slot limit reached"

    Did i miss a step somewhere or something, last time i set up a teamspeak server on linux i didnt have this problem...

    Exact steps i took : (although i used the most up to date server on teamspeaks website)

    please keep in mind im a noob so be as descriptive as possible if giving me things to try, and thank you for any help i receive.
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    An unlicensed teamspeak server can't have more then 32 slots. If you want/need more then 32 slots you need a license.

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    Im an idiot, sorry for wasting your time lol, i forgot about the license...

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    I am running into the same issue but I have also put my license in the root of the install folder.

    Are there any settings I have to change on the server itself?

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    Have you checked your logs to see that the license was accepted / usable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColWhackaMole View Post
    I am running into the same issue but I have also put my license in the root of the install folder.

    Are there any settings I have to change on the server itself?
    Check the server log file _0.log and you have to see something like this:
    2014-10-15 10:17:09.724966|INFO    |Accounting    |   | Licensing Information
    2014-10-15 10:17:09.725966|INFO    |Accounting    |   | type              : Non-profit
    2014-10-15 10:17:09.725966|INFO    |Accounting    |   | starting date     : Tue Jun 10 00:00:00 2014
    2014-10-15 10:17:09.725966|INFO    |Accounting    |   | ending date       : Mon Dec 22 00:00:00 2014
    2014-10-15 10:17:09.725966|INFO    |Accounting    |   | max virtualservers: 10
    2014-10-15 10:17:09.725966|INFO    |Accounting    |   | max slots         : 512
    2014-10-15 10:17:09.729967|INFO    |DatabaseQuery |   | database busy, waiting for finishing index tasks, may take some time!
    If so, the license is running and then you can change the slots using the TS3 Client:
    Edit virtual server --> "Maximum clients"

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    Error id=2817 msg=max slot limit reached

    hi , i installed the ts3 server on my vps that run ubunt 15.04, but when i try to modify the max client slots, i have that error: error id :=2817 msg=max slot limit reached

    why ? i assume that as default the limit is 32, but i assumed to that i can modify that limit as the owner of the ts3 server, but somehow, he wont let me do it, please help
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    You can not raise slots above 32 and virtual server above 1 without any installed license.
    A server without an active license only allows non commercial action with 1 virtual server with max 32 slots enabled.
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