I play APB Reloaded and i would like to use Teamspeak with the game. However, every time I open the game, then open TS i am unable to talk in teamspeak but i can hear others. Teamspeak won't detect that i am even pressing the push to talk key. I've even tried voice activation and it does work. But as soon as i close the game i am able to talk again.

Also if i open Teamspeak before i open the game, i can no longer hear the ingame sound, however i can talk and listen on teamspeak. I've read a few threads that ask me to run the game out of admin mode but there is no shortcut in the game files that allows me to run it like that. This problem only happens with this game because ive played many other game and ts worked just fine.
I have used other game communication systems in the past and they have worked with this game.

Please Help!