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    Greyed-out Custom Servergroup after Setting it under 60

    Hi there,

    Ive got an Problem after im setting i_group_member_add_power to a value under 60 it is Greyed-Out seems to be fine, but i thought i_group_needed_member_addpower to the same value or aborve should fix this again but it dint. I realy dont know where my Brain-lag is in this case xD, btw the normal Channeladmin has like the standart a value of 50.


    Thanks for Ure tips!

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    Edit: changed the word: worth to value,
    ty ^^
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    okay, i've just tried this on my virtual server.
    I've created a new channel group with same permission values as you, and i assigned this group to a second client.
    The second client should now have the permission to assign this same group to client 3 but somehow client 2 couldn't (was greyed out as in your example). But after reconnecting client 2 it worked, so maybe just an update issue. Removed and added the permission few times and it worked fine then.

    OT: Wert, im sinne von 'der wert 50' (Zahlenwert) bedeutet 'value 50' ... Wert im sinne von 'mein auto ist 50 Euro Wert' (hier Preis) 'my car is worth 50 Euro'. (sorry for this little off-topic)

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    There is a teamspeak bug where sometimes strange things happen like this and the resolution that I have found it duplicate any old server group and then immediately delete that duplicate. It resets everything do that everything works as intended. Weird but true.

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