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    Non-Profit License Registration Problem

    Hi guys,

    i dont konw if this is the right Forum but i was trying to apply for a Non-Profit License Registration.

    I entered the email “[email protected]” and the URL “”.

    But your system respond:
    “Your website and email address domains do not match. Your email address MUST match your website (eg - email is '[email protected]' with website '' ”

    Do you have any idea what I was doing wrong? cuz the domains are the same.



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    There is nothing we can do here. Please create a ticket, when your problem still exists.

    Is "[email protected]" really a valid mail address? What about "[email protected]" ?
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    Maybe the part Say your name is "Paul Peterson". Maybe they want the email to be [email protected], [email protected] or something similar.

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    Your e-mail have to match , if your website is youe email shoud be [email protected] the e-mail and the website have to be the same . And the email form is [email protected] not [email protected]

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