Could you add a generic function for PTT like Ventrilo has? I have a Logitech G500 and it uses a software called Logitech Gaming Software LGS. It lets you bind key to other keys or functions. They are able and have a function PTT for Ventrilo you can bind to your keys including keys that go above the mouse 1-5 keys. I have a "middle" thumb button on my mouse I can bind to Ventrilo this way but I have to go a round about way to do this in TS3 and it causes issues in certain games. This would be a nice feature and I assume an easy way for other companies like Logitech to bridge the gap between multi button mice and devices and being able to bind a PTT to those buttons above mouse 5.

I tried to search for a thread/post that is already suggesting this but couldn't find one. If this exists please merge or close this thread thanks.