Hey guys,

Figured I would post here looking for support. I finally got TS3Overlay working while I play DayZ (Arma II Operation Arrowhead Mod). However I appear to be having a few different issues, and I will list those in order of importance. They are as follows:

1) I specified the "-" key to be the toggle to move around the TS3 overlay windows. Unfortunately, for whatever reason the "/" key will ALSO open this menu. I can't find why in any of the configuration files. Under Settings -> Options -> Hotkeys, "-" is the only thing defined on this. "/" is nowhere to be seen.

2) When going under Settings -> Plugins -> ts3overlay -> Input tab, I'm unable to specify the key in there. I will hit the button to change the key, however any change that I make it doesn't update it in that screen. The only way I can do this is by going to Hotkeys within Options.