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    Logitech G930 Mic issues *Only in ts3*

    According to other users in TS3 my mic cuts out and crackles when talking is ts3.

    This ONLY happens in ts3, i use google hangouts and skype daily and do not experience these issues in either of those.

    The headset is plugged into a usb 2.0 spot.

    I have ran the wizard and tried everything even re installing drivers and nothing has fixed it. Any ideas?

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    Hello !

    I have same "headset Logitech G930" and no have issue with mic on teamspeak 3, please sure to download latest drivers for Logitech G930:

    unplug & install the drivers and then plug in again try with difference USB and then try speak in teamspeak 3, don't forget upgrade your client teamspeak 3 to newest here:

    Best Regards

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