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    How to limit number of channeels/sub-channels created? (Not depth)

    I have searched this forum but there were some old topis related to TeamSpeak version 2 or TS3 beta so I am asking now ... When I give someone Channel Admin rights to do whatever he wants to do there with that channel (editing, deleting, creating) how can I limit this group to not create 100 sub-channels but only for instance 10 in one level (depth)? Thank you for your answers.

    PS: I am unfamiliar with permission system in detail, so please be as much specific and in detail as possible.

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    Anyone?? I think this must be required feature or question for everyone using this software

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    This is currently not possible. You can use i_channel_max_depth to prevent clients from creating channels which exceed a certain depth (e.g. making sub channels on sub channels).
    If you are worried about people spamming your server by creating channels, you may want to take a look at the i_channel_min_depth permission. With this you can prevent clients from making new parent channels and only allow them to make sub channels. This way you can easily delete all the sub channels by deleting the parent channel.

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    Are you planning to add this feature in newer versions? I think this would be very useful for many users ...

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    How to limit number of created channels?

    I have searched this forum before, but I didnīt find anything.
    Need to limit number of created channels by every single group.
    When I edited "i_channel_max_depth" to any value, it worked only for sub-channels.
    Doesnīt matter now, for what type of channel will it be, but perfectly it should work for every type independently.
    Thanks and peace.
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