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    Serveradmin login not workin, even after reset

    Hello Guys,

    I setup a TS3 server on 3.2.46-1 i686 Debian.

    Everything went fine, I started up the server and got the notification for serveradmin password and privilege key.

    I used the privilege key to get admin rights, then try to login as serveradmin on my server, but got rejected with an "uncorrect password".

    I tryed everything I found on the following post to reset/change my serveradmin password :

    But Im still having the same default, any ideas ?

    Cant wait for your help.



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    are you trying to connect to the query interface using a telnet client or are you using some tool? I'm a little confused because the wrong password message of server query is "error id=520 msg=invalid\sloginname\sor\spassword".
    If you are unsure about how to connect to server query, there is a nice post about that by Sebi94 here:

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    Im using the "login" command while logged as root on my server.

    [email protected]:~# login
    teamspeak loginĀ : serveradmin
    Mot de passe :

    Identifiant de connexion incorrect
    Considering your answer, it looks like Im not doing it right, I gonna chekc with the thread you linked and let you know.

    Thank you

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    I was trying to do it from the ssh connexion to my server, instead of telnet.
    When using the telnet login, it works perfectly and I was able to generate a new token !!

    Thank you for your help Matthias !

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