I'm a TS3 user, that since the latest update has had an issue, using TS3.

When other users talked to me. Their speech is garbled, broken and slow. Before the update it was perfect.

From what I can gather. My speech to them is coming out clearly.

There seems to be an issue with a new component with in TS3's update. And possbly a firewall or antivirus program. As I've tried it on 2 different internet connections. A standard landline connection( has the issue). Where as a 3G wireless, does not.

Is someone aware of a new TS3 component, that could be trying to get access. That my system may be stopping?

I've given TS3.exe full access through firewalls and antivirus. I don't know where else to look.

TeamSpeak version 3.0.11

Operating System Windows 7 64bit

Soundcard & Driver version Onboard ASUS ROG version ?

DirectX version 11

No error messages.