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    Solved Bug when displaying animated gif avatars in side bar

    When selecting a User who has set an animated gif as avatar, there is a constant high count of read accesses.
    Not only the avatar file but much more files.

    There seems an infinite loop of reading the following files (depending of images shown in side bar):
    • %ProgramFiles%\TeamSpeak 3 Client\gfx\countries\de.png
    • %ProgramFiles%\TeamSpeak 3 Client\gfx\default\16x16_permissions_server_groups .png
    • %APPDATA%\TS3Client\cache\VVRoNTdmd1kxTSttSlVPS00r ZlZXUlFhcWlzPQ==\icons\icon_1016152447
    • %ProgramFiles%\TeamSpeak 3 Client\gfx\default\16x16_permissions_channel_group s.png

    Every file gets read 3 times per loop cycle. 5.4 loop cycles per second.

    Hiding the "Sidebar" where the Avatar gets displayed doesn't solve this.
    I guess the cause of the problem is the redraw of the whole sidebar when the avatar picture changes.

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    This behavior will be fixed, when client 3.0.12 was released.
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