Hello Teamspeak Forum and hello to the developers at Teamspeak Systems GmbH,

I run a TS3-Server for a big german community and I'm connected to other admins from other big teamspeak servers and we all have the same problem:

When we use a TSDNS-Server to resolve specific (sub-)domains to TS3-Servers with various ports, there is a problem for a huge number of users with the client-version or 3.0.11 (and earlier) to get an answer from the TSDNS-Server or the client doesn't find a TSDNS-Server (seen in the client log) when the users do have a higher ping like 30 or 35 ms (or the way packets routed from the client to the server is a bit longer than for others) to the server running the TSDNS-server. Other users with a lower ping to the TSDNS server can connect without problems to the specific TS-Server over the same TSDNS-Server where other user got problems with.

My opinion is: either the timeout value in the client for looking after a TSDNS-Server running on the server resolved by the normal DNS protocol is way to low or the client sometimes fails looking up for a TSDNS-Server because there is a bug in the client (in the server-connection-procedure) before trying to connect directly to the domain and the default port (where no server is running because using extra servers only for TSDNS).

Can you please look after this problem and resolve this issue in the next client version or tsdns server version? It would be great cause some people writing to me why only they can't connect and friends of them can. I don't want users feeling like only they are locked out from the TS3-Server.

If you experience the same problems with your servers, feel free to post this here too.

Thank you in advance,