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    Post Problems setting up Teamspeak Server win64...(9987[DDNS])

    I search the internet for 8 hours and i didnt find a solution to share my
    teamspeak server win64 with other peopel i tryed sending my IPv4 also
    the IPS from my provider + added the port :9987 + ddns etc.

    first of all thanks for support on that much threads but nothing helped.
    In the past i run a teamspeak server on win32 without problems just -
    without using DDNS but it is more logical to use a dynamic address for
    my target group (competitive gaming) back to topic.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Ipconfig.png 
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Size:	68.5 KB 
ID:	8744 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	PortForward.png 
Views:	358 
Size:	15.1 KB 
ID:	8743 Click image for larger version. 

Name:	No-ip.png 
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Size:	20.2 KB 
ID:	8745

    When i use Port 10011 & 30033 working
    just Port9987 always gives me error on that test. Connection Timedout
    I can join the server via. ddns and so on without problems of course

    But after i setted up my server with all informations and stuff i asked a
    friend to join the server to test if all is working fine. w/ different option
    nothing has worked. first i thought ddns is the reason why its failed.
    but after searching the web im not pretty sure what's going on normaly
    i set up a complete server in just 3 hours and this time it feels strange
    is everything wrong please check my uploaded screenshots of ipconfig
    portforward and setup (it automatic chose the ip which is set)
    I got some knowledge about making a teamspeak server but as i said
    there were different solutions i tryed but nothing worked. please help

    Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit - Service Pack 1
    TeamSpeak 3 Server Version:
    Realtek HD Audio Version:
    DSL-EasyBox 803 A Firmware:30.05.219

    I apologize for my slightly broken English. Hopefully someone can help
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    Your 3rd screenshot from shows that you assigned your local lan IP to your hostname. This will not work. On that page you have to enter your public IP address that you get from your internet provider.
    Your other settings seem fine. Your Teamspeak machine seems to have the local lan ip, to which you are forwarding the correct ports with the correct tcp and udp choice on your router.

    Did you also open your Windows firewall for these ports on the machine that runs the Teamspeak server? This is required as well.

    You can connect despite the wrong ddns setting, because the is local on your lan. But if your friends try to connect to, their routers will handle it locally within their own lan, so their packets will never reach your system via the internet.

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