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    Server Admins - invalid clientID


    I tried searching, but, couldn't find this specific problem.

    When I list the Server Groups dialog and try and view the members (on the right) of the Server Admin group, the list is blank and in the client log it says "invalid clientID"

    However, I can list Normal, Guest, etc. However, everytime I try to go back and list the Server Admin group, that message appears again "invalid clientID" in the window.

    I can change the permissions and do everything else in the server, however, it just wont list the Server Admins.

    PS. I am a SA and have tried with two different identities that both have SA.


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    I have a feeling that there is an entry in your database for a server admin which has a client database ID which does not exist on your server. Please try the following:
    Copy your Server Admin group, add yourself to this "new" group and delete the "old" Server Admin group. That should be the easiest way to remove this entry from your database.

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    Hi Matthias,

    Thanks for the reply. Alright, I can try this... There are quite a few SA's on our network and I am not sure of all of them. But, if its the only way, then I might have try it.

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    If you dont host host yourself, its the only way.
    If you host yourself you could look into the database for the "missing" ID's and remove them, but manually editing the database is not recommended, it can lead to recreating the instance from scratch.

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