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    Help me to find an user!!!

    Hello! My question is: is there a way to get the Unique ID, or the nickname of an user without any data? First of all, I got the Server Admin and the Admin Server Query permissions on the server. I got the nickname of an user, and I've searched it on List of All Clients, but I don't find anything.. So the user that I'm searching for joined with other nick to the server, right? Now, I need to know the new nick of the user and/or the Unique ID (to search that user in the future). Also I want to know the date of the nick change, I mean, when the user joined to the server with a new nick.
    That's all, I'll be more than grateful if anyone can help me. Thanks!

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    first of all please do NEVER EVER add regular clients to the Admin Server Query group! This is highly dangerous and can damage your database beyond repair.

    There are several ways to search the database for a user, but you will always require some piece of information. You could use his database ID (see clientgetnamefromdbid), his UID (see clientgetnamefromuid), his client ID (see clientgetuidfromclid) or a clients last known nickname (see clientdbfind). Please check out the serverquerydocs folder in your TeamSpeak 3 Server installation for further information.

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    Okay, I've looked at the server log and searched the old nickname that I know. I found when the user connected and disconnected from my server and right after the nickname it displays the user database ID. So, then I logged into TeamSpeak Server Query using Putty and used this command:

    clientgetnamefromdbid cldbid=<the database ID that I found>

    Without the "<>" obviusly, and I get this error:

    error id=512 msg=invalid/sclientID

    I don't know what means that, because the client database ID is ok, and I checked the command with my own database ID, and it seems to be fine, it displays my nickname, my unique ID, and my database ID. The client database ID isn't invalid.

    I guess that for some reason, the database ID of that client has been deleted from the server or something, but, is that possible? I didn't touch anything of that, so I don't deleted the database ID.

    I didn't know what to do now... can you explain me what happened with that "ghost" user?

    *** EDIT ***

    I've founded the client unique ID of the user by other way, and when I searched it in the List of All Clients it says "No clients found". What the f*ck happened here? How can an user be deleted permanently of all the databases of the TeamSpeak Server? The most strange thing, is that the user still being in the server log, with the old nickname and their client database ID.

    Anyway, I get tired of searching that user, but I would like to know what the f*ck happened here.

    Thanks a lot for the help, waiting for a response.
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