Good day

I have the following problem after sometime i suddenly cant hear any more notifications sounds.

I use the Sound Pack "Default Text To Speech" where each message is indeed a sound.

And i use this sound pack as default for all servers.

Ironically every time this error occurs i cant even hear the "Test Sound" that you can play in the options > Playback or the mic clicks .

But I can still talk with other Users without problems, i can hear them and they can hear me.

There are really only the Notification sounds disappearing without any identifiable reason.

I hope that some one can help me with this.

And here some information's:

  • - What client version is running?
  • - Teamspeak Client Version
  • - Client log?
  • - | Attachment 8643 | Attachment 8644 |
  • - What sound card and headset do you use?
  • - Sound card: SB X-Fi Xtreme Audio & Headset: Creative FATAL1TY
  • - What operation system is running?
  • - Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
  • - Did it work before?
  • - As far as I can remember the problem was allways there even in some older versions
  • - What have you tried?
  • - Until now nothing, i am just clueless.


Okay now this gets really wired i tested different sound packs like the Default Sound Pack Female & Male and even TS2 classic.

They all work fine its only the "Default Text To Speech" that is not working.

Does somebody know why it is like that ?


I just found out that in the working sound packs the sound Scripts start with: play("

All sound Scripts in my broken Sound Pack "Default Text To Speech" start with: say:("

Could that be the reason ?

And could i fix the broken Sound Pack "Default Text To Speech" with changing in the script file all commands from play(" to say:(" ?

Or is there somewhere an updated version of this Sound pack that i could download ?

But even than it more looks like the teamspeak client is the problem because in the Sound Pack "Clean Sounds & Short TTS" are some Sounds where the Scripts start with: say:(" and they are broken too.