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    Lightbulb Scrolling Nicknames and Infos from Web in Client!


    Is it possible for the development team of Teamspeak³ to add scrolling nicknames for Users and or Bots in the Client?

    For example i have a MusicBot and i want to add a nickname like "SHUT UP AND ENJOY THE ϟƘƦƖllΣX - [Actually played song recieved by Meta-Tag of MusicBots webinterface] - [Clickable html link to the interface Site like (]"

    Is it possible to add this in the next version of TS³

    Maybe you can add this Function too for server such as scrolling Channelnames

    Kind Regards
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    I don't like auto scrolling... everybody who needs to read any over long channel name or user name can scroll manually.

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