I am running an own ts3 server on a winxp computer with 4 virtual servers (version and everything works fine till i upgrade my ts3 client on my iphone 4s to the newest version.

After upgrading the iphone app, none of my servers is available under its public adress (i'm using dyndns) via 3g network.
When i have a wifi connection at home i can connect to all servers with the internal adress of the computer the server is running on (e.g
i can also connect to the public ts3 server voice.teamspeak.com via 3g, but not with my own server!

if i switch to 3g mobile net, i get a connection error. if have also ts3statistics and ts3monitorfree on my iphone and both apps works fine also under 3g. Maybe there is a problem with the udp ports in the new version? the tcp-query-port 10011 works.

now i downgrade the version of the ts3 app on my iphone using the older ( ) version i have stored on my computer in itunes everything works fine, i can connect to all servers also under 3g.

Same problems with my ipad2 and all friends have the same connection error after updating the app.