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    The new update text color. Need the old version

    After here a few dozen members of my teamspeak ask how to get the old version of teamspeak back after your update changed the color of text, I updated my teamspeak to see what the big deal was. I'll just say this... I can see why they are unhappy. Please give us the link to an old version of teamspeak so we not forced to look at this grey/blue text. If you need me to have the other 70+ members in teamspeak register and reply to my post to let you know that we don't like it! let me know.

    Can I get the old version link please.

    Thanks, AWOLGAMERS

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    August 2013
    I found somewhat of a fix. Some text is grey not black but it's close. You can enable the text back by selecting the classic style in settings > options > design > Theme.

    Case closed.

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    Open the Settings menu and select Options.
    On the left side click Design.
    In the "Theme" drop down box choose Classic and save.

    Alternatively you can install one of the themes from the addons section of this website.

    This is the way you will need to do this. Going back to an old version of the client means you will not be able to connect to servers running the new server version.

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    I love the blue look to it but hate the new text color. The white version just looks so bland. Please bring back the old text colors so people know who is joining and leaving at a glance.

    Or just give us a classic blue theme option.

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    I use a tweaked black theme, and the blues on it don't stand out so well. The previous colors worked just fine.

    While we're at it, why not make TS easier for folks to edit and customize the appearance?

    I should add that we're talking about the (well, I am) the colors of the text in the bottom pane that shows typed chat and user connect/disconnect information. Before this last update, disconnections show as red, other info showed as white, blue, etc. Now, it's all in two shades of blue. ny custom theme I've applied doesn't change any of the colors in this pane.
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    You can make your own style completely if you want. Go into the program directory, then open up the style folder. Make a copy of the "default" directory using a different name of your choosing. Make a copy of the "default.*" files again changing them to the name you choose. Then you can modify all those files as you wish. If you make changes to the styles that came pre-installed, the changes you make will be overwritten during the next update, so making up a name is what you need to do to preserve your changes.

    There are also a lot of styles in the addons section if you want to just install a ready-made one:

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