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    Angry Port Forwarding Unable (Ports Timed-Out)

    Hello. I have an Netgear R6300 router and I've set up the Port Forwarding in accordance to :

    But when I run my TS3 64bit Server free 32slot, Only when I use Admin am I able to connect. When I use the PF checker while TS3 server is running it blocks the PF, but when I close TS3server and run the PF it tells me the Ports have "Timed-Out"

    I have even attempted to enable DMZ and it results in a failure, I have asked Netgear for help but they can't even get my name right let alone the problem I am having.
    Any other solutions? Any help is grateful.


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    I got into contact with Netgear and about after i'd say 2hours on the phone, deduct 20 for the waiting and the holds they put me on.

    they told me it was some sort of software/program on my personal machine that was blocking TS3 64bit server from allowing other people to connect who weren't already on my Network.

    Anyone have this problem before?

    *gets on knees and begs for mercy*

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    Please read sticky thread about how/what to post in here when you have such troubles.
    Try to begin with screenshots, or information about your:
    network connection (status)?
    internet IP(whatismyip)?
    ports used?
    address you use to connect to teamspeak3server?
    where is the server? on same pc as client is?

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