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    Question Permissions Help Needed

    I am extremely new to teamspeak administrating, and was needing help with a few of my permissions:

    I have 2 Minecraft servers using my Teamspeak server, a Main server, and a PVP Server, as shown in the screenshot below:

    Each server has its own staff channel named:
    LavaPVP Staff
    LavaCraft Staff

    I have 2 groups set up
    LavaCraft Mod
    LavaPVP Mod

    I am wanting it so that only LavaCraft mods can join the LavaCraft Staff channel, and Only LavaPVP Mods can join the LavaPVP Staff channel.

    The best method i have come to so far for setting this up is this.
    LavaCraft Mod - Join Power = 10
    LavaPVP Mod - Join Power = 5

    LavaCraft Staff Channel - Must have atleast 10 join power
    LavaPVP Staff Channel - Must have atleast 5 join power

    However, the issue with this current setup is that the LavaCraft staff are able to join the LavaPVP Staff channel, because they have a high enough power.

    Hope this wasnt too confusing, any help would be Greatly appreciated
    - Alex

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    it is NOT possible to have each server group to only be able to join one channel. You will need to use Channel Groups for that. Simply add the staff members to some administrative channel group for their channel and set an i_channel_join_power on that channel group. Also, please add an i_channel_needed_join_power on the channel.
    You can use the same channel group for both LavaCraft Mod and LavaPVP Mod, as their permissions are restricted to their channels only.

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