I Spend most of my free time streaming music on a Ts3 Server, However, I have recently found less and less time to monitor my live stream.

I am looking for someone to create a Plugin for me that will act as a controller for Spotify. What i am looking for in this plugin is to add commands to the teamspeak channel that will act as the buttons , or controls to Spotify.

For Example;
/replay - will vote to replay the current song
/skip - will vote to skip the current song
Every person that types one of these, a counter will add a tally to a chart, depending on the ratio, the song will either replay at the end, or be skipped immediately. When either of these two actions happen, the counter will reset.

-Optional, (But would make me very happy)-
/Queue (name) by (artist) - will add selected song to queue

I am willing to pay for such a plugin to be created.

My System Credentials are:
TeamSpeak version: Client 64-bit SHA1: 0493eb56a358bae2391576f748f12c759b4dd6df
Operating System: Windows 7 64Bit
Soundcard & Driver version: Realtek V.
DirectX version: 11