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    Question Group Commander, Fire Team Leaders, and the Fire Team Members Channel Permissions

    Odd Title, but I wanted something descriptive...

    I want to setup a channel that has the following structure:

    \Battle Group\
             \Group Commander
             \1st Fire Team Leader
             \2nd Fire Team Leader
             \Fire Team 1
             \Fire Team 2
    I want the Group Commander to use Whisper Mode to talk with the two Fire Team Leaders.

    I want the 1st Fire Team Leader to use normal talk to communicate with players in the Fire Team 1 sub-channel only.

    Is there a way to setup channel permissions to do this? Is there a plug-in to make this work?

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    there is no permission which will determine WHO to whisper to. All you can do via permission system is to allow or disallow to whisper to somebody, that is to say when you are trying to whisper to somebody the permission system will check if you have sufficient power to do so.

    The Group Commander can setup a whisper list to whisper to the Fire Team Leaders as whispering to members of certain channels can be done using a whisper list. Now you could set a i_client_needed_whisper_power for the Group Commander so that the Fire Team Leaders won't be able to whisper to the Commander anymore.

    To sum it up: It can not be done using permission system only, there is some work to be done for the clients as well (setting up whisper lists). You can restrict the clients in who they are allowed to whisper to, but they will still have to add the neccessary channels to their whisper lists.

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    Is there even need to restrict the whisper? I mean, with normal people playing some game, this shouldn't be needed.
    Please note, that I am expecting that team leader is in same channel as rest of his team!!

    Set your whisper list for groups, then channel commander in complete channel family.
    Add hotkey for whisper list, and tell team leaders when they are leading to activate channel commander(right click on their nickname).

    This is probably more recommended approach. However with your layout of channels, this is all you could do(team leader would be whispering also other team leader).

    If you would have Group commander sitting in battle group channel that would offer you solution you desire.
    battle group (channel)
    - fire team 1 (subchannel where is team with leader)
    - fire team 2 (subchannel where is team with leader)
    - commander (player - group commander)
    Leader instructions would be modified in last detail to subchannels
    team leader instructions would be modified in last detail to parent channel

    Of course you can always resort to whisper lists with specific users.
    However when leaders change you will always have to update that list.
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    that is how we are doing it right now. It is a chore to constantly update the whisper list.

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    well did you ever tried to use channel commander feature?

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