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    Ban permission doesn't work anymore!


    it's not possible to give a servergroup ban permissons (e. g. needed ban perm = 75 & ban perm = 100) because the user in this group can't ban any other user.

    Tested without to be in any other groups but it only works as Query Admin and this isn't acceptable!
    Because this Error has a high priority it has to be fixed with in the nexd few day's because SA's must be have the right to ban users on the server ... and second is ... they pay for the server!

    If this shouldn't be an error, then say me, what other rights (not the right "ignore ban) must be given for this perm.


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    Remember to put in a maximum ban time, in seconds. If you do not do this the ban system doesn't work.

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    please quote any error messages you get when you try to ban someone.

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