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Thread: Sound Problem

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    Sound Problem

    I wanted to setup my teamspeak3 client up to where sound events (like when someone enters) go through my computer speakers and teamspeak3 voice chat go through my logitech usb headset. Is that even possible to do? I know ventrilo has that feature but TS3 doesnt seem to be able to do it. I wanted to do this so I can afk and know when someone enters my channel.

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    Doesn't it like say "User joined your channel" when someone joins your channel ? This sound event should be enabled on default.

    EDIT: Oh, now I get it. You want to make sound events go through speakers but microphone voices through headset ? Check out this thread

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    Thanks for replying. I already did that. I was just wondering if there was a better way. I run the server for just me and some of my friends and I stay logged on the whole time. Only problem with me doing it that way is that if my friends join the channel and start chatting, I people in the house can hear everything. Plus it sucks when that happens while I'm sleeping too. I don't want them waking me up. I just got use to having it done this way because I'm an old Ventrilo user and have always had the settings that way.

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