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    stopping multiple people talking at the same time.

    Is there a way, or a plugin to either sound a tone or something like this when more than one person keys. It gets very annoying and difficult to understand someone when more than one person talks at the same time.

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    Tell your guys that they should not speak all at the same time?

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    This is currently not possible. If your people seem to "need some help" to talk in a civilised way, you can make the channel moderated. Only people with certain talk power will be able to talk.
    There is one more feature preventing people from talking, but it's rather meant to stop traffic from sky rocketing. There is a server setting called "Min clients in channel before silence" which will mute everybody if too many clients join a channel.

    But to answer your question in one sentence: No, there is no feature preventing that multiple people speak at the same time.

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    CrossTalk's Position Spread module is designed to counter the multiple speaker issue.

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