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    teamspeak 2 was easy to setup but ts3 makes me pull out my hair

    all complaining aside.
    I have downloaded and ran the server. ( it is running on my computer) but i don't see a way to change what it is called or anything. right clicking on the icon only gives me WAN About and exit

    I also have the teamspeak 3 window up (the one that shows up when you first run the server) it shows the default password / login name and the server admin token.

    I have the client also running but i see no way to connect it to my server.
    i thought it might be (on the client) clicking on
    Connections -> Connect and then putting in my own IP address into the server address field and for the Nickname and server password putting in the password and login name from the server window, and then down below where it says one time privilege key putting in the server admin token, but that just gives me a failed to conect.

    obviously i am doing this wrong.
    please help.

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    forgot to add I am using windows 8 64 bit and am using the 64 bit client and server of teamspeak

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    The login name and password is only usefull for the server query and is not needed, for the client.
    You only need the privilege key to get server admin group.

    Try to connect to or localhost or to your LAN IP.
    The WAN IP is for your friends, whe nthe port 9987 UDP is open.
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    i appreciate that , now i have the server running and i can use the client to directly connect to the server.. using my 192.168.1.x ip address. but when i look at server list my server doesn't show. i have 9987 udp opened and i have 10011 on tcp both forwarded to my ip address .
    i have also tried disconnecting my client , restarting the server and reconnecting the client. but still nothing. although i wonder /... one sec want to try something hmm interesting I told the client to disconnect from 192.168.1.x and to connect to my wan ip and it connected. so i guess now i just wonder why is the server not showing up in the server list. (when i click on connections and then on server list)

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    ah i found it. it was in the server list window under advanced filter. it was set to show without password by default . when i set it to all then mine showed up.

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