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    Teamspeak 3 public server list

    Hey community,

    Since I am rather bored at the moment, I decided to create an website with a public server list for teamspeak 3 servers. I know that there are a few public server lists already, but since I am experimenting lately interacting with teamspeak servers through PHP, I thought this might be a great project for me.

    The server list can be found at the following link (registration requires mail activation);

    So what have I made?
    I've developed two things. A website for the public where the server list is displayed (and where you can login to see logs & deactivate the server), and a bot running in the background. Now the bot is a little complicated, but I've tried to explain how it works the best I could with the following image; Name:  howthebotworks.png
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    I'm not such a great designer, so the design might look a little simple :P

    Got any idea's? Just place a reply ^^.

    (p.s. English is not my first language, so I might miss-spell some words.)
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