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    Question Invisible channel for different servergroups

    Hey, i got a small problem with the permission setting on my community ts...

    We got some different admingroups: Server Admin, Team Admin and Player Admin.

    The problem is, that some channel should be invisible for everyone exept Server and Team Admins, but Player Admins can still see the Server and Team Admins in the "invisible" channels.

    the i_channel_needed_subscribe_power is on 75

    and the i_channel_subscribe_power of the Player Admins is 50.


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    You probably have b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions set which makes the group skip all channel permissions (and channel group permissions), including the needed subscribe power.

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    Now the Player Admins cant subscribe any "invisible" channel.

    The channel they should can subscribe have a i_channel_needed_subscribe_power of 50

    And the Player Admins got a i_channel_subscribe_power of 51 now.

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    also dont just change the needed subscribe power change the subscribe power to 50 as well or it wont work

    there are channel permissions right click the channel and go to the permssions tab and change the join subscribe and other perms there to equal 50

    NOTE:: if any group is higher than the player admins they will be able to see and join that channel as well because they have a higher permission on the server

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    Its still not working...

    The channel wich should be invisible by Player Admins got a needed join and subscribe_power of 75. (if i deaktivate the skip channelgroup permissions they cant see the admins in this channels)

    The channel wich should be visible for Player Admins got a needed_subscribe_power of 50 (i also changed the channel permissions like subscribe and join power to 50) but it is still not working =/

    I changed also the subscribe power and join power of Player Admins to 55.

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