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    Solved insufficient client permissions (failed on i_channel_min_depth)

    I am a sever admin on my server and have 5 other users as a server admin on the server, Me and 2 others have updated to the recent version but the other 2 havent as i have asked them not to as the ones who updated are unable to edit channels in the teamspeak this is a bug because me and the other 2 cant edit the channels but those who are 1 version back can WE ALL have server admin and i have not touched the perms on this group it is the default server admin group

    Steps to reproduce the error::

    1) open your TS3 Client
    2) ensure you have server admin on the server
    3)ensure you are at the client current version of TS3
    4)Try to create a channel sub channel or a channel
    5) you will get this error message
    insufficient client permissions (failed on i_channel_min_depth) even with server admin

    Steps i took to resolve the issue for all my staff::

    1) Right click the user
    2) Go to permissions>Client Permissions
    3) Assign the user a permssion of 1 on the client and repeat for all staff
    4) create a channel

    I dont know what is going on with the server that is causing this error but i have visited another 22 servers as i help users setup their TS3 Servers ( and get paid for it lol) and have come accross this issue on all servers even those that were just installed as i started i have even removed installs and started again to see if that may be the issue and its not as i continue to get this error no mater what i try

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    This only happens, when the permission is setup in your groups or clients.
    It's off by default and no server update will turn it on by default.

    So these users have a template or server group, where the admin have setup the permission manually and i guess it was set to 75.

    I mark this as NO BUG
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