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    Visual Notification Question

    In trying to move entirely away from Skype due to its' Microsoft takeover, and of course it's insecure servers and snooping whoevers, I'm trying to move almost entirely to Teamspeak with my small group of friends. I'm pretty good with the permissions system and have been running a TS3 server for a few years, but I'm hoping I'm missing something here. We don't always have our headsets on, or realize that some may have come, left a message, and gone. Is there some setting or plugin that I'm not finding that would flash/color the icon on the taskbar when there are new messages you need to open the program and see? I saw the Balloon plugin that seemed like it might accomplish what I need, but the developer seems to have vanished along with his source code... and thus it is too far out of API date to work. Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Hmm. I guess that's a no. Unfortunate.

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