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    [Suggestion] create enough channel and delete overplus

    I'm the Admin of a Server for about 100 User.

    Our biggest problem is the amount of Channels we need. Sometimes we only need a few, but even then there is a big amount of empty channels.

    I had the idea to install a bot (or run a script) thats allow to keep always 1 empty channel and creates a new one if there is no empty one.

    room 1
    user1,user2 ....
    room 2
    room 3

    my idea:
    room 1
    user1, user2
    room 2 [empty, no room 3 necessary]

    i googlet and looked in several forums, but i never seen a request / bot / script like this.

    does anyone has an idea how to solve my problem?

    sorry english isnt my first language - please ask if necessary.

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