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    Question Where can I change the codec latency !?!?

    On older version of the ts3 client or/and server, it was possible to set a lower or higher latency for each channel. Now this option disseaper in the channel edit menu.

    It is possible to make re-appear this option in the edit menu, or just change the codec latency by another way ???

    thx and sorry for my bad english

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    I have the same question.
    How can I choose, edit or view the latency settings for the codecs of each channel?
    In the elder versions it was possible to change it.

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    You cannot do this any longer since Opus came out. I would like the option but I don't feel the loss of it.

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    The option still exists in YaTQA, but only for Speex codecs. I tested it with and it still works.
    I need to try if Opus does in fact support this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morthawt View Post
    You cannot do this any longer since Opus came out. I would like the option but I don't feel the loss of it.
    This is not true. It was removed from the GUi and has nothing to do with Opus, but is still possible with the ServerQuery.
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