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    Question Annoying midhigh-frequency buzz sound only when ts3 is connected

    Hi all,

    Yesterday, I bought myself a brandnew Logitech G35 USB-Headset.
    Everything is great and really working fine, until I connect to a teamspeak server. A very silent and steady midhigh-frequency (guess somewhere around 1000-3000Hz) buzzing sound appears instantly after connecting and it's only on the left ear-channel, which drives me even more insane.

    When closing TS3 everything is fine again. I'm puzzled...
    Could this be a teamspeak issue?

    In short:
    1. Everything works fine and headset is dead-silent.
    2. starting TS3 - still everything fine
    3. Connecting to a server - instant left-channel buzzing appears


    Win7 x64
    i7 4770
    asus z87-c
    logitech g35 (refresh version) usb

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    August 2013
    Still have this issue...

    anyone who could help?

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    I have a g930 and I get this issue, may not be the same, but you could try switching USB ports. I had owned two g35 headsets previous and did not have this issue though.

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