Hello there,

I just fixed the old Delphi-Port of the TS3 SDK to work fluently with Delphi XE4 (it does not in its original state). However, there is one question left.

There are some functions built into the SDK which use floats (e.g. Custom3dRolloffCalculationClientEvent). The original port to Delphi gave the datatype "extended" as a translation. This datatype is a 10-Byte-float. Nothing to worry yet.

Now, under Win64, "extended" is not supported anymore and all "extended" are mapped to "double", which is an 8-byte-float. There is no way around this, we have to live with this. Thanks to Microsoft, who decided to drop support for the old x87-Coprocessor-technology and focussing all floats to the SSE-instructions (which only use 8-byte-floats).

My question: Is there a workaround planned ? Maybe in the 64-Bit-Libs "float" is already an 8-Byte-float ?

Thanks for help,