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    Post Help with additional permissions, management and join power.

    Hi! I'm creating a TS3 server, I'm using the advanced Permissions but I have a pair of problems:
    First I want to move the place of the server groups, they appear like this:
    and I want to place them like this:
    Second, I would like all can send messages to the staff but for prevent spam, I want to create a group called Don't message and this group will not let you receive messages from members. (I want to make it with poke and move)
    Third, for example:
    I have 3 channels
    Admin Channel - Join permission 75
    VIP Channel - Join permission 50
    Lobby - Join permission 25
    What is the permission that defines your join power? I search in the filter "join" and I put 25 to the members but they can join the admin channel. Why?!
    And the last question:
    I will create a group called Poke for help who makes the admins can receive members messages who need help. How can I create it?
    If you have some questions write them below

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    the sort order of groups within the permission system is determined by their "i_group_sort_id". The order of the clients in the channel tree is determined by the "i_client_talk_power".

    In the "Don't Message" group, you will need to set a "i_client_needed_private_textmessage_power" with a high enough value, maybe 75. This will prevent people from being able to message members of "Don't Message".

    The Join power you are talking about is called "i_channel_join_power". It will be compared with the "i_channel_needed_join_power" of the channel you are trying to join. Please make sure your member group does not have the permission "b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions" as it will make the group ignore channel group permissions and channel permissions.

    Such a "Poke me" group can be made by adding the "i_client_needed_poke_power", set the value to 0 (do not remove the permission!) and check the "negate" box.

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    Unhappy Thanks and help again O.o

    Oh thanks you help me a lot.
    But right now I have the same problems of the join power permission, I revised the permissions you tell me and all they are ok.
    For example:
    member join power: 15
    owner join power: 75
    and the needed join power of the admin channel is set to 70.
    And the members can join the admin channel, I don't know why?!, the other permissions work fine....
    For that help be more effective, my skype is: theUxicoD6
    I tell you my server ip and you revise the permissions.
    :D thanks again!
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    Do "members" have any other servergroup that may grant them higher join_power?
    Also check if "members" group has "b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions" set, if yes, remove it.

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    Yeah, I know it, but b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions isn't active for member group I don't know why

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    Thanks to all, I finally understand why do the permissions fail the channels have been created before the permissions xD
    Thanks again

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