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    Suddenly nobody can connect to the server.

    Hey, it's me again.
    My server has been running for about a week right now and everything went just fine. I was running my teamspeak on a root servr in my flat. People were able to connect to it by using a dyndns I configured. I still have access to my server via this dyndns service using ssh, ftp, sftp and so on. I also have access to my Router. I can also access the server query via telnet. The only thing that doesn't work is to connect to it via the client. I gave admin rights on the teamspeak to one of my roommates. Is it possible, that he deleted something important?

    The teamspeak server is running on a ubuntu server 12.04. installation with to LAN ports, but I configured it to only listen on one of it's IPs. It still does not work. I also tried permreset command in server query. The user running the teamspeak owns the whole directory, thereby making it impossible to be a problem of wrong permissions. The logs are clean to. All thats different is, that it tells me about my Querylogin with serveradmin.

    Thanks for helping me

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    And I didnt set up tsdns. But when using netstat -a I found that all of the ports where aquired by ts3server

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