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    Windows server under Mac OSX shared connection will only connect on local

    This is my first post in the forum, and i have read a lot of other threads. No situation matched so far, and other solutions wouldn't help that issue in particular, so I decided to join and ask. I look forward to helping others as well from now on!

    Okay. I decided to host a TS3 server on my notebook (windows XP) that is connected to my Mac Mini (OSX Snow Leopard) shared internet.

    The situation is I have had this server running on the IP, let's say, (this is someone else's, if it exists at all), and worked like a charm. I am bootcamping this mac, so I decided to move the server to this notebook running windows XP. I'll get to why I posted in this section of the forum, Mac OS X.

    So the notebook has the same ip,, and won't connect at all. I CAN connect via internal IP.

    It's like this: for MAC OS X,, sharing connection to the internet to the notebook,, which has also the same external ip,
    On OSX, I can connect via (I've already changed the port on windows). But I can't simply connect using

    I tried ipfw, turning off firewall and natd services. Maybe I wasn't able to do any of them correctly .
    My MacMini is directly connect do the modem, and shares the connection. No routers between the modem and Mac.
    I'm from Brasil, if that matters.

    Any thoughts how to solve this dilemma? Any more info I need to provide?
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