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    High ping and packet loss when I have switched to Windows 8?


    On Windows 7 I would get around 30-40ms ping and 0-1% packet loss, but after I have upgraded to Windows 8 I get around 70-90ms and 15-20% packet loss.

    All of my hardware and ISP is still the same the only difference is the OS. I have installed all the nessocery drivers for my motherboards network card and I am still using the same Ethernet cable, modem, internet connection etc...

    The packet loss is getting to a point where I can miss a full sentance said by someone.

    I have forwarded all of the ports that I could find to do with Teamspeak but I am still getting the same results.

    Anyone have any suggestions on what to try or do to lower them?


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    tracert your server.

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    Could you give me some more info?

    I don't "run" the server a friend of mine does.

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