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    NPO Licensekey.dat file


    I have recieved a email with the approved NPO license.
    When i opened the email there was no attachment.
    It looks like the .dat file is shown as text in my email.
    The email overview does show that there should be an attachment to the email.

    The only thing i see is a text like this:
    Please DO NOT share your licensekey.dat file with ANYONE outside of your registered
    organization. Doing so may cause your license to be SUSPENDED.

    Thank you.


    Content-Type: text/plain; name="licensekey.dat"
    Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
    Content-Disposition: attachment


    and a lot more charakters

    forwarding the message doesn't help
    changing html on/off doesn't help
    and the webmail system has very limited options.

    i have tried to copy past the charakters into notepad and save it as licensekey.dat
    unfortunatly that didn't work
    Please advice on this matter.

    With kind regards,


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    Hi Sentoxic.

    Have you tryed an nother Mail Programm for reciving the Mail with that Atachement ?

    Sounds like an problem with your Mailclient.

    I think this could help you :

    Thanks for your time to read this Post.

    Regards Sargnagel

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    Hi Sargnagel,

    Thank you verry veery much for the help!
    The forum topic solved the problem.

    Again thank you verry much!

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