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    Failed to connect to a server only 1 server i can connect to the other ones just fine

    hell I am having problems with this one teamspeak server it says failed to connect to server I can connect to any other server just fine I can ping and tracert it. to fix it I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times unplugging my modem and router then plugging it back in I have reinstalled windows the server owner has reset the server deleted my information on the server and my last know ip. and probly a couple other things but I forget
    I was visiting some1 in Utah it was working fine before I went and wen iwas there and the day I get back it stops working the first time I try.
    THIS IS THE ONLY SERVER that I cannot connect to I can connect to any other servers just fine does any1 have any idea how I could fix this

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    please take a look at this thread, there are a few more things you can try to do to fix this:
    Could you post the tracert and clientlog here please?

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