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    Make it so people in a Server Group can only edit certain channels?

    My Teamspeak has different communties in it, and I'd like for example people in a "Community#1" group to edit channels that belong to their community, and no one else be able to edit them? People who can edit Communty#1 channels shouldn't be able to edit "Community#2" channels and so on. Moderators should be only able to edit their own community's channels. Does this make sense? If it does, is it possible?

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    It is possible. You will need to use channel groups instead of server groups though. Just set a i_channel_needed_modify_power and i_channel_needed_permission_modify_power on the channels and grant the channel groups i_channel_modify_power and i_channel_permission_modify_power. As channel group permissions are restricted to the channels in which are you assigned to the channel groups, they would not be able to edit each others channels.

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    Thank you, I'll try this.

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    In my opinion, Channel Groups are the best way to control access to things. I only use Server Groups for such things as highly trusted admins who need kick/ban/msg etc and also for status groups like games someone plays. Also if a particular feature such as the whisper system needs to be enabled for someone. Other than that, all access, modification, group add/remove etc is done by Channel Groups on my server.

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