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    Possible to disable subscriptions when entering a certain channel?

    I know it is possible to create a channel that can hide whoever is in it to the people who do not have sufficient subscribe power. However, I would like to know if it is possible to either reverse or disable subscriptions when someone joins a specific channel until they leave the channel. So, the effect the person would see is similar to if they turned off subscriptions altogether.

    The reason I ask this weird question is because on my TS server, we run a (sort of RPG-style) game where we sometimes need to put people in another channel to separate them from others. This is to ensure that they cannot see who is in another channel. The knowledge of knowing who is in what channel would skew whatever result we hope to get from the person in question.


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    you could set i_client_max_channel_subscriptions to 0, 1 or delete it. That would cause clients not to be able to see anybody who is outside their channel.

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    Hmm, odd. I tried all three methods and none are working.
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    Bring a new fresh TeamSpeak ID in on a new tab, see if it works then. If it does, you either have the skip flag enabled for the groups you are using for your test, so you need to go to the client permissions and disable the skip channel permissions one. Alternatively your server group on the ID you are testing with may have -1 set with its skip flag set for subscriptions so even if you add 0 to a channel for subscriptions the -1 from a server group would override it.

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